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Rum Francesco Balzano

Murano leather bench by Franceso Balzano

AD Francesco Balzano

Swan III dining table by Franceco Balzano
AD magazine

Marie-claire maison Francesco Balzano

Francesco Balzano, The Aesthete
Marie-Claire Maison

Pikes stool by Laurent Dufour
Elle decoration

Camarat bench by Frédéric Pellenq, Louise chair by Francesco Balzano, Ippico chair by Martin Massé
lle décoration

Cote Paris decoration

Magma lamp by Ewe studio, Bold bench by Milena Denis Polania, Rose sofa by Joris Poggioli
Côté Paris

“Black beauties” Fin de Belgique marble

Frederic Pellenq Elle Decoration

Rendez-vous chez Frédéric Pellenq
Elle decoration

Ewe design

Partera chair by Ewe studio
Elle decoration

Petra table by Joris Poggioli, Sculptural chair by Rooms, Archetype chair by Sofie Østerby
Elle décoration

“Cabinet of (sumptuous) curiosities”
Good Moods

Joris Poggioli Martin Masse Valentin Loellmann
Valentin Loellmann

Rose sofa by Joris Poggioli
Orsetto table by Martin Massé
Brass buffet by Valentin Loellmann
Milk Décoration

Frédéric Pellenq Francesco Balzano

Camarat sofa by Frédéric Pellenq
Dolce table by Francesco Balzano
AD France

Orsetto table by Martin Massé
Partera stool by Ewe studio
ELLE Décoration

Archetype chairs by Sofie Østerby

Archetype bench by Sofie Østerby

The Camarat sofa by Frédéric Pellenq
AD Germany

Historic bench by Rooms studio
Orsetto pouf by Martin Massé
Elle Décoration

The French New Wave. Pierre Gonalons, Pool, Francesco Balzano …

Chair Lodge by Frédéric Pellenq, Table Eugene by Francesco Balzano
AD France

Milk decoration

Frédéric Pellenq, l’art et la matière
Milk Décoration

Dolce stool by Francesco Balzano
Elle Décoration

Elle Deco
Elle deco Thomas Duriez

Francesco Balzano, Frédéric Pellenq & Thomas Duriez
Elle Décoration

Console Thalie by Joris Poggioli
Elle Décoration

Rooms design, Joris Poggioli & Pierre Gonalons by Kolkhoze
Elle Décoration

Armchair Pilate by Tristan Auer

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