Kolkhoze references an offer of furniture and collector’s items of contemporary creators and art galleries. See below “Partners”. Kolkhoze selects and offers Pieces from Partners and allows their online purchase through its website – see below “Service”. The Pieces available through Kolkhoze are unique, limited or numbered editions – see below “Pieces”.

Implementation and acceptance of the general terms

The present general terms of sale apply to all sales of Pieces – between the Clients on the one hand, and between Kolkhoze and its Partners on the other – enacted through or via direct deals. The relations between Kolkhoze and its Partners are subject to specific conditions. By ordering through, the Client is aware and agrees with the applicable terms and conditions.

“” Site operator, see below “Website”

The website is ran by the company Kolkhoze, a SAS – Société par Actions Simplifiée – of 60 000 euros, registered at the RCS of Paris, number 819 665 068. The head office is located at 13 boulevard Beaumarchais 75004 Paris, France. For more information, contact us via our contact form


The Pieces referenced by Kolkhoze are contemporary collectables – available in unique, limited or numbered edition – and are considered singular and unique creations.

Therefore, depending on the nature of the materials used, the finishing touches can vary from one item to the other. For this reason, no exchange will be accepted.

Photographs and high-resolution images of the Pieces are available on the website. Small differences may exist between the photographic representation of the piece and the Piece itself. These small differences will not be considered a flaw and no order can be contested or returned on this ground.

In some cases, the pieces have already been made and are “in stock”, others will be made “on demand”.


Clients wanting to use our Service and order a Piece on the website can order directly or register and create a personal account.

Opening a personal account

To create an account, select “My Account”. The user must provide the requested information, i.e. choose a username, a password, and tick the box agreeing to the terms and conditions of sale. The Client guarantees that the information provided in the application form is true and genuine.

Once the Client has registered, an account is created in their name. They can access it at any given time with their username and password. This account allows them to manage Service and track their order(s) on the website.

Following the current regulations, Kolkhoze is committed to the protection of its clients’ personal data. However, if the Client’s information were to be erased – due to unfortunate circumstances, power failure, or other unforeseen events – when agreeing to the terms and conditions, the Client acknowledges that Kolkhoze would not be held responsible.


To order an Item, the Client has to select a Piece – of any quantity – and add it to their basket. The client is limited to one Piece per order – of any quantity – in order to facilitate the logistics of the Partners.

In the basket the Client can check the information about their selected Piece: the quantity, a brief description, whether it is “in stock” or “on demand” (if the later, the production time will be indicated), the unit selling price before and after taxes, and the place and time of delivery. The Client has the option to modify their basket before purchase.

Each order placed in the basket gives the client a chance to review the description of the Piece, the price before and after taxes, as well as the place and time of delivery.

When ordering, the Client can collect the item themselves at the Partners’ address, or ask for a quote for a delivery – please see terms in the article “COLLECTION AND DELIVERY”.

If the client requests a delivery quote, they are required to fill in the form with the desired delivery address and instructions for the delivery if needed.

In order to confirm the order, the client is requested to confirm his billing details, pay – in accordance with the terms of the article “PRICE AND PAYMENT”. An email accepting the payment is sent automatically. This email is not a confirmation of the order.

If payment is not received within 5 working days from the date and time of the order placement – the sale will be cancelled.

Confirmation of the order

The client will receive a confirmation email of the order within 3 working days after the payment has been received and the availability of the Piece(s) have been checked.

If an item is temporarily unavailable at the time of order, Kolkhoze will suspend the order and will inform the client of the new delivery period, depending on the time needed to make a new Piece. If the client accepts the new terms within the next 3 working days, the client will receive a confirmation email and the money will be transferred. If the client does not agree to the new terms within the next 3 working days, Kolkhoze will send an email confirming the cancellation of the order and the payment will be cancelled.

If the item is indefinitely unavailable when the order is placed, Kolkhoze will send an email confirming the immediate cancellation of the purchase and the payment.


Kolkhoze emails the Client as soon as the Pieces are available for collection at the Partners’ address, or when the delivery starts for the Client’s address – in accordance with the terms of the article “COLLECTION AND DELIVERY”.



The prices are in euros, VAT excluded. They do not include the delivery costs, which will be subjected to quotation – see the terms in the article “COLLECTION AND DELIVERY”.

The entire cost of the Piece, except for delivery fees, is due at the confirmation of the order, unless otherwise discussed in the case of specific agreement for particular situations.

When ordering, the French VAT will apply on the summary statement for orders placed inside the European Community. Only the price pre-tax will appear on the summary statement for orders placed outside of the European Community. The possible customs fees, local taxes, import duties and State taxes are the responsibility of the Client – so is the declaration and payment to the local authorities and organisations.

Some Pieces – for example the Pieces in limited edition for which the price may vary depending on the number of items – are displayed without any indication of price or may contain a price range. In these cases, the Client is offered the option to make an online enquiry of the price with the Partners before ordering.

The prices can change at any given point at the discretion of Kolkhoze.

Secure payment

The payment of the Pieces or the delivery fees are done through an online bank transfer or credit/debit card. Kolkhoze uses the cyber commerce payment platform Systempay, – designed by Natixis – which complies to the safety standards of long distance sales (PCI-DSS).

Payment by credit/debit card is done through a secure transaction 3DSecure – Visa and MasterCard protocol – which creates an encrypted connection between the Client and the Bank. Kolkhoze does not have any access to the confidential payment information of the client.

The Client guarantees that they have the necessary authorization to use the means of payment selected.

In the case of non-payment, default in payment, fraud, or attempt of fraud regarding Service usage, Kolkhoze retains the right to suspend or cancel the payment, and/or the order.


According to the present clause of retention of title, the sold Piece remains the property of Kolkhoze or the gallery and the partner artist until the full amount has been paid – including delivery fees if applicable.


The Client can choose between collecting their order themselves from the Partners – after consulting with Kolkhoze – or have their order delivered to their home or desired location.

In the case of collection from the Partners’ address, the client will receive an email from Kolkhoze informing them when it is available and providing them with the details of the Partner. The Client has 15 days to collect their order – unless otherwise mentioned – after the email has been sent. After the identity of the Client has been checked – and once confirmation of payment from Kolkhoze has been received – the Partner will hand over the product to the client, along with the bill and the certificate of authenticity.

In case of delivery, Kolkhoze’s Partners take responsibility for the delivery of their Pieces, using carriers qualified for delivering art furniture all around the world. Kolkhoze ensures the smooth execution of delivery, up until the last step, and is the preferred contact of the client throughout the process.

When ordering, an online quotation for the delivery costs is available. If the Client asks for a quotation, Kolkhoze will send them an email within the next 3 working days containing the terms of delivery, as well as a hyperlink inviting the client to confirm their order and pay. If the delivery quote is not confirmed within the next 8 working days, the Piece will be made available at the location and date specified in the order.

When asking for the delivery quotation, it is the responsibility of the Client to make sure that dimensions of the Piece are compatible with its destination. The Client – or another appointed contact – must be present for the delivery and make sure that the Piece has been received. The Client has to make sure that their personal details – phone number, delivery address, email – are up to date. In case of a mistake in the delivery process, such as delivery address or lack of access, the Client will be the only party responsible and will incur further delivery fees for a new delivery of the Piece.


In case of a non-compliant, damaged or faulty Piece, the Client has 21 days to contact Kolkhoze via contact form. Kolkhoze will immediately inform the Partners in order for them to contact the Client and find the best solution.

If the dispute leads to a refund, Kolkhoze will refund the price of the sale, as well as the delivery and return costs if applicable.

Right of retraction

Kolkhoze cannot accept any cancellation or return for the Pieces that are built on demand.

For the Pieces in stock, the Client has 14 days after receiving the item to send it back. The Client can use their retraction right with Kolkhoze after sending an email to

Kolkhoze will refund the order, with the delivery costs included. The return costs remain the customer’s responsibility. The Piece must be sent back intact, in its original packaging, and returned in the exact condition it was received.

The right of retraction does not apply if: the piece has been built on demand, the Partners from whom the Piece has been purchased are not part of the European Economic Area (member states of the European Union as well as Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein), or if the Client himself is not a national of this area, in accordance to the current regulation.


Kolkhoze collects its Clients’ personal data for its Service: this includes the opening of a personal account, the processing of the order and the registration to the newsletter. The personal details are computerized. The details collected are used and shared by Kolkhoze only for managing the orders, to send the occasional newsletter and the completion of the service.

The right of access, correction, removal, and opposition for legitimate ground of these nominative and personal details – as stated in the Law n°78-17 of the 6th of January 1978 modified related to computing, files and freedom – may be exercised by the Client through a letter addressed to Kolkhoze, 13 boulevard Beaumarchais
75004 Paris. Declarant Number CNIL: 1987752


All the elements of the current website belong to Kolkhoze and/or their Partners, and are protected by intellectual property legislation. Any reproduction of elements from the website is forbidden, unless otherwise agreed with Kolkhoze.


The present terms and conditions are subject to French law being applied.

In case of disputes related to the interpretation or execution of the present terms and conditions, French tribunals will be the only arbitrator.


The present terms and conditions are applicable from the 1st of October 2016

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