Moon screen

33 500 

Unique piece

Stained-glass and brushed brass
Manufactured by Maison Pouenat
L 170 x W 32 x H 130 cm
L 67 x W 12.6 x H 51.2 in.
Single original signed by the artist

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About the designer

Eric Gizard
French designer, interior designer & photographer, based in Paris, France
Studio @EricGizard

“Eric is flamboyant and discreet – refined and measured ;
his work is reflective and on trend…”
“Eric’s work is intuitive and bold, without ever being in your face…”
Andrée Putman

Direction artistique @Cuir_au_carré 2016/2017
Exhibition #ADcollections, Paris, France, 2016
Collection @toulemondebochart, 2016
Exhibition #ADcollections, Paris, France, 2015
Photographies #photoericgizard

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