Dimitri Bäehler


Unique piece

L 180 x l 58cm x H 35cm
L 71 x W 23 x H 14 in.
Low table or bench
Suitable for exterior use

Single original signed by the artist


About the designer

Dimitri Bäehler
Swiss designer, B. 1988, based in Biel, Switzerland.

Blausee table/bench is a unique piece inspired from the rituals of my grandfather’s walks through forests searching for stones that he would slowly and patiently collect for the sole purpose of building his cabin. As a child I often accompanied him on his walks through forests and abandoned stone quarries. Today those moments are an invaluable memory and represent my idea of luxury. Blausee is a low table/bench made from a special limestone found in the Swiss Alps. This limestone is particular due to its range in color going from red to blue. Some semi finished elements, found on the stone quarry site, were the initial source of this project which represents a dialogue between natural shapes and designed ones. In the manner of a readymade, the platter is simply placed of four circular legs. This piece of furniture can be used as a low table or bench for the interior or exterior


After his studies at ECAL (University of arts and design in Lausanne) and DAE (Design Academy Eindhoven), Dimitri opened his studio in 2014.

Finalist of Design Parade 8 in 2013 in Hyères, Nominated twice for Swiss Design Awards (2014 and 2015), he participated in different residencies around the globe including EKWC, European center for ceramic, The Netherlands, Hors Pistes Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Ishinomaki Laboratory, Japan and directed different workshops like Boisbuchet “Rethink the Modular” 2015, Villa Noailles 2015 and ISDAT 2016.

Versatile, his work is often spontaneous, radical yet poetic, always related with a substantial applied research. From mass produced objects to unique pieces through installations, context, production process and use of the object is particularly influencing his work.

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